This magazine, created by ‘SEED’ is a very good example of a simplistic layout and design. I enjoy looking at this magazine because the colour scheme is limited and anything which is important or wanting to be stood out is in a more highlighted colour. Obviously the grid has been used in this piece, using 3×3, the grid has been slightly broken by the more important pieces of information which allows the design to look a bit less perfect and roughens it up a bit. The photography in the image is also powerful with using a portrait shot and again using only black and white colouring. I think this is a great example of a magazine as it has a brilliant structure as well as a great design.



This magazine, created by ‘MIZZ’ however is the complete opposite of the magazine above. The colour scheme includes a lot of different colour although it still stays structure by trying to match the colours with the outfit the person on the page is wearing. The grid is broken several times on this page and the text and layout is a bit messy, I don’t think this is something I want the magazine to look like as although it is quite bright to the eye, I believe it to be for a younger person, and mostly aimed at girls. The magazine is good for the target audience it is trying to capture but for our audience I don’t think this design/layout will fit.


This magazine which I found one ‘’ was created by another student, the layout of her magazine has been done really well. She has kept the article simple looking by using limited colours and not overloading the whole page with images and text. I believe that the magazine layout is aimed a lot at the female population due to what the article is about and also the fancy designs which have also been included. However I believe that a layout like this could be used in our magazine if we managed to tweak the layout a little to fit both genders.



I wasn’t able to find the creator of this magazine, however I think it has a very abstract design and includes a lot of detail. I think this magazine would have taken a lot of work/thought to get the desired effect. It’s hard to see if there is a grid being used in this article and if there is then it has definitely been broken over and over. I think the photography, type and layout all work together and it looks very professional. However I think using this kind of layout will take a lot of time and also might become a bit difficult when trying to think of new ideas for every page.



‘Company’ is a magazine which I’ve been reading for years, the layout has dramatically changed since it first came out, however I think it is progressing in design. It is very simplistic but in a good way and all the pages in the magazine manage to stick to the same design, the same type face, text and main layout are brought together to create a really professional looking article. Although Company is mostly aimed at women, I believe a design like this could be altered to fit both genders, I will therefore be most likely to work with this layout and try to create my own from this to try and acquire a design for our own magazine.